For the entirety of the show’s history, The Block has had its’ fair share of characters, heroes and villains (and a few technicolour-yawn-like decorating schemes to boot!).

However, it’s fair to say that, based on the first week’s efforts, nobody has sought to ruffle feathers and pull a Frank Sinatra by doing it his way quite like St Kilda auctioneer Jesse.

For the purposes of standing solid with our new BFF on 5CC, Foreman Keith, and his boss Scotty Cam, we will not refer to Jesse as Jesse from now on, but rather Jess, in reference to his whinge to Scotty on bedroom score night.

This guy’s form is incredible. He began by sucking up to Dan and badmouthing Foreman Keith.

Then he goes off and decides to take it easy on the job by not cleaning up.

If that’s not enough, he thinks he knows more about quality building than a foreman with decades of experience.

Almost as an insult of their own, the judges decided to hand the filthy rich safe off to Mel and he-who-shall-not-be-named as a reward for his behaviour!

And to wrap things up, Scotty has to tear him a new one before the end of week one!

If this is the guy we can expect to be taking most of the coverage, then this could be a rough couple of months for us blockheads.

Surely we can hear from someone with a bit of a sense of humour instead…

Are you on board with the 5CC team in hating on Jess? Or are you on Team Jess?