As I reported on GM EP today, according to dating ap Happn, some singles in Britain are waiting until their twelfth date before engaging in… let’s call it, horizontal folk dancing.

Aside from my incredulity at the fact these singles can actually make it all the way to a twelfth date, what also grabbed my attention in this study were the ideas around the basic rules of dating. Almost half of men still believe in ladies first (49 per cent), opening car doors (46 per cent) and 47 per cent even insist on paying the bill. However, 37 percent of single women still say the bill should be split versus 19 percent of men - but thirteen percent said whoever suggested the date should cover the cost.

I am all on board with the 47 percent of gents who insist on paying the bill (well done fellas), although I think this is only a hard and fast rule for date number one. Consider it this way: if the lady doesn’t offer to pay, she wasn’t raised right, but if you don’t end up paying, YOU weren’t raised right guys.

Having said that, I have got into quite a bit of trouble with previous ex’s of mine who got dirty about me paying, considering it a slight against them, even though I explained I wanted to as a gentlemanly act.

For mine, after a first date, if the lady wishes to pay, or split the bill or however the desire works, then by all means negotiate that.

But what are other rules to be adhered to?

What are the rules on public displays of affection? What is too far as a PDA? What term do you use to describe your significant other (and for the record, I personally cannot stand the word partner to describe your significant other, because people have tennis partners, golf partners and business partners, but life partners?)? Does the gent carry the bags when shopping or holidaying?

And this is all on the basis of opposite-sex relationships, I wish all those same-sex couples out there all the best of luck on trying to figure out these rules…. But then again, being same-sex, it’s probably easier to negotiate going halves!

What are YOUR golden rules of dating? And please be nice as I’m taking notes as a single man whose dating autobiography would be titled “All Quiet On The Western Front”…..