We do our regular Block update every day around 8:45am on GM EP, but for the first time last night I found myself looking upon contestants and thinking they were soft.

Luke and Tess, who manage money as well as the former state government managed the electricity network, decided to splurge and pay up for a glass floor in their house to increase the square metre-age (if that's even a word) of their media room on level two.

What threw me was... well, first of all that a couple who are totally and utterly broke can afford a glass floor... but secondly, what threw me was the way in which Luke and Tess found the glass floor intimidating because of the possibility of falling. 

I'm no fan of heights myself. In fact, I hate them. However, I think I've got it covered better than Luke and Tess.

I say that because Luke admitted to his legs buckling when he stepped out on his glass floor.


Ok, credit to him for walking on it... but this was the extent of any potential fall.


Yeah, into the kitchen would be tough, but that fall is only, what, maybe four metres?

I couldn't help but think of a trip I took back in 2012, my first overseas trip actually, and I was well pleased with myself that my first ever commercial flight saw me punch out a 16 hour haul into Vancouver and then on to Toronto, where I visited CN Tower.

Somewhat anxiously, I acquiesced to the demands of my ex to stand on THAT glass floor.

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Not to criticise Luke and Tess or anything, but when you're looking four metres down, you're feeling slightly better than someone who has a fear of heights who's FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVEN METRES UP!

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I did need a rather lengthy bathroom trip after that I must admit, but yes, word to the wise for Luke and Tess: THAT is what worrying about falling through the glass should look like...