The Coronavirus situation moved almost as quickly over the weekend as it has spread through Europe.

Fortunately we, as Australians, are isolated from the world in a geographical sense.

For those of us who have a love of things North American or European, that has usually been a burden, but now it seems a blessing.

However, it is no guarantee of prevention and isolation, especially with the virus already in Australia.

All we need is a group of people who decide to take unimaginably dumb ideas and make them law.

Such as the New York state congress.

A law proposed last year to give consumers the option to utilise reuseable cups at cafes not only passed, but did so after amendments REQUIRING cafes to fill these cups, whether they wanted to or not.

However, it got me thinking about the situation here in Australia.

However, have you been grocery shopping lately?

Taken your reuseable bags with you?

Ever washed them?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Suddenly those environmentally friendly options don’t seem so friendly, do they?

I might be in a very small group, bit I think the major supermarkets have an obligation to tell the state government they are flouting the environmental laws for a while.

It just makes sense to me to allow single use plastic bags to be available for as long as the Coronavirus is deemed a pandemic.

South Australia Police so often tell us to watch for others on the roads, as you never know when someone else might make a mistake… and they are right to do so.

Rather than wait for someone to make an innocent error, why not just bring back single use plastic bags for a while?

We’re in unchartered waters here, and any safety measures taken can only be a good thing.

In the meantime, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wash your reuseable bags before you take them with you on your next shop.