With the advent of the Coronavirus, we know that the overseas tourism sector is taking a belting, which should be encouraging, in normal circumstances, for domestic tourism.

Sadly, that’s not the case, with isolation measures seeing a downturn across the board in tourism dollars and activities.

However, with a downturn in all human tourism, what do the attractions do when human tourism goes down?

Well, apparently they become tourists themselves!

Shedd Aquarium, in Chicago, is closed due to the Coronavirus, so their resident penguins got out and about!

Even better, while staff are staying home, the penguins are chipping in around the office doing all sorts of admin tasks… or at least trying to learn how to do them without thumbs…

With penguins native to the Antarctic, some exotic locations, such as South East Asia, proved too tempting to avoid for the real life pingus…

And when the opportunity came up to look at their native hydro-habitat without having to worry about being chased by polar bears*, they took it with both….. flippers!

I’d love to go to an aquarium and see the penguins let loose for the day!

What other animals, at a zoo or aquarium, would you love to see let loose for a day of free interaction?

*Well done if you picked up on the little egg I left behind there! Yes, I know polar bears are arctic and penguins are Antarctic. Just seeing if you’re paying attention!