With all the talk about “The Thing”, one of the comments on other health matters has been long since forgotten.

Australian of the Year, and SA based doctor, James Muecke, has called for a sugar tax to discourage people from consuming sugar sweetened food and drinks in order to address the issue of obesity in Australia.

First of all… yes, I know this is health related, but it’s not about the topic du jour, so let’s discuss!

Let’s begin with the biggest question: Should there be a sugar tax?

Well, that depends on your view on a lot of things, so it needs to be broken down into a few different questions.

What about impulse buying?

Well, according to some in the UK, the relocation of sugary products works in reducing their sale.

However, this is all about product placement, and the views on this are long established.

So, do you believe that supermarkets should be ordered to place certain products in certain locations?

Well, if you do, where does that stop?

Do you need to interfere with the free will of people?

How much more regulation do businesses need?

We already have significant regulation over tobacco and alcohol, so should this extend to sugar?

If it does, should a tax be imposed too?

Now we get back to the big question.

Should we have a tax on sugary drinks?

Sure! After all, the research shows it works!

Errr, but we have sky high taxes on nicotine too. I still see people smoking.

And our Australian of the Year has stated that sugar is addictive as nicotine. You saw that in this second link in this article.

So, a tax on a consumable doesn’t work!

But, we just saw the taxes do work… and that they don’t.

I have my very strong opinion on this.

But that’s not what I want to hear about, because I know what I believe.

So, you tell me.

Should we have a sugar tax?