Good news on the Port Lincoln Airport front.

A few weeks ago, we spoke with Senator Rex Patrick of the Centre Alliance about a proposal to hit Port Lincoln and Whyalla airports with a big security charge, by forcing Councils to fund the operation of security screening technology.

We've had some good news come back from the Senator, as he mentioned of GM EP today.

A deal done with the government, to prevent a split in the coalition, will see a more even distribution of costs across Australia.

In short, the deal will see the total national cost of security screening tallied, and divided by passenger numbers across the country, rather than the cost being processed by airports individually.

This means that, rather than Sydney airport surcharges being 80 cents a piece, while Whyalla gets hit $52, and Port Lincoln between $10-$20, every passenger across Australia is expected to pay about $1.50.

I grew up in Sydney, and the screening measures in place there are enormous compared with Adelaide, and Port Lincoln obviously doesn't have anything at this stage.

I sit on the right of the political spectrum, but on this issue I have to say I am in lock step with Senator Patrick.

To slug regional passengers so much more, for no other reason than just because, makes no sense.

Rex Patrick has done a great thing and, as he mentioned previously, credit to goes to Grey MP Roawn Ramsey, who wore his local member's hat far more strongly than his party hat throughout this issue, and a great outcome has been achieved for the people of the EP.

Although airline travel will probably not return to normal for a long time, this is an issue that needed to be dealt with quickly and, as Rex said, if he needed to use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, so be it.

Thank you Rowan Ramsey, and thank you Rex Patrick, for keeping flights as low in price as possible!