Today is International Museum Day, and we chatted with Beebs about his memories of the EP changing over the years, which is quite appropriate given Beebs probably belongs in a museum by now... (sorry Beebs!).

There's been plenty of changes over the years, and Beebs only touched briefly on the changes on Tasman Terrace and Liverpool Street.

There was the total rebuild of the Port Lincoln Hotel, which, as John Lecner pointed out in Cowboys of the Sea, was a rather rough and tumble locale before becoming the palatial establishment we know today.

There's also the embrace of the Makybe Diva and Tuna Poler statues my the foreshore, along with Matthew Flinders and his cat, Trim, keeping him company just outside the Nautilus.

The EP rail line is fast becoming a relic thanks to our (sarcasm on) great friends (sarcasm off) at GWA.

You might also have noticed the cover photo for this blog as the opening of the Port Lincoln High School.

More recently, Hungry Jacks has moved in too.

What are your memories of the EP?

Do you have old photos to share?

Or maybe they're just old memories?