We’re hearing lots about the return to some sort of normality with the return of intrastate tourism.

The federal tourism minister, himself a South Australian, is urging states to open up.

The NSW Premier is urging her colleagues to open up.

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall is…. Not so keen.

This seems to be a reasonable reflection of the wishes of some South Australians.

After chatting with Flinders state MP Peter Treloar this morning, which you can catch up on later this week, it’s clear that intrastate tourism, and not interstate tourism, is what is going to lead the way for the foreseeable future.

However, there’s still cracks appearing between the Premier and the Chief Medical Officer on re-openings.

Which begs the question of exactly what opens and when in SA.

As I put to Peter Treloar this morning, it will be tough to encourage local tourism when there’s a stack of places that remain closed, which lowers the number of people who will be financially able to travel.

Which makes it more important to be able to encourage those with the financial capacity to travel, to do just that.

And there’s still plenty of places to visit locally too.

Maybe you’re like me and looking to take the chance to go and explore a few places, like Wudinna and Kimba, that haven’t been properly examined before.

Or maybe you have relatives in Adelaide, who haven’t visited the EP yet.

Jack Ritchie pointed out to us last week that 90% of Adelaide dwellers haven’t visited the EP before.

What better time to do it than now?

And we can tell you about the local businesses that are open for trading too.

After all, the Gold Coast, the Great Ocean Road, the Hunter Valley, Kakadu…. They’re all off the list right now.

But should they be?

Well, given the disaster that is Victoria right now, I think that might be fair enough. And even though I bleed blue at Origin time, NSW is probably not a great idea either.

But the Northern Territory? WA?

What about Tasmania, where their Premier is open to re-opening travel to people from recovered states?

I think re-opening to states and territories where the situation is under control, like WA, like the NT, like Tassie, makes sense.

But do you?