The idea of travel bubbles has been around almost since the thing broke out.

In fact, I’ve already blogged about this.

And your opinions were incredibly strong!

Back then, it was all about the Northern Territory and WA.

Now, however, it’s about Tasmania and the ACT.

Ok, Tasmania I understand completely given its geography (Cue all the map of Tassie jokes from teenage boys…).

However, the ACT?

Did I miss the memo which stated the ACT has closed its borders to other states and territories?


Because there wasn’t one.

Which means that SA can close borders to Victoria, but Victorians can still enter SA if they go through Canberra first.

That’s like patching a leaking hull on a submarine while installing a screen door.

What use is having a border restriction with NSW if people in NSW can simply go to the ACT and fly into SA?

There is a legitimate debate as to whether the border restrictions are based on hard medical evidence, or just a symbolic measure, and I accept that others believe in no restrictions, even if some don’t.

But why you would allow a back door entry option if you’re locking the state borders for health reasons makes zero sense.

And yes, once again, in the interests of full disclosure, I still hold a membership of the governing party in SA, albeit in my home state.

Engage Tasmania, WA, the NT, even Queensland.

But if you’re opening to the ACT, when they’re open to the other states you don’t want to open up to?

Well, if someone can explain why that would work, please let me know, because I’m struggling to get my head around it.