It seems these days everything is bad for you.

Too much and you put on weight or get a disease, but too little and you get a different disease or end up malnourished.

And that’s before we get different people trying to figure out exactly what is the right amount.

And don’t get me started on the Body Mass Index, which had me as dangerously overweight even when I was ta my lowest adult weight of 73kg, which was…. Too long ago…

And now, fruit juice is being branded as unhealthy as diet soft drink because of the amount of sugar it contains.

Can I ask, if we eat apples and oranges, are those also unhealthy?

Because, after all, those are the most common fruit juices consumed in Australia.

Then again, we can also assume that red wine is desperately unhealthy too, on that basis, because red wine is derived from red grapes.

Is it any wonder people have given up and just eat whatever they want, then flood doctors’ offices looking for vitamin recommendations because they get so much conflicting information?

Fruit is bad, but fruit is good!

Meat is bad, but meat is good!

Sun is bad, but sun is good!

You’d think certain people would have learnt from the kind of messaging screw ups made during the thing, but apparently they’re just in a race to outdo themselves right now instead.

I’ve given up trying to follow their advice and now I stick with what has worked for me with my weight loss, which has sadly tapered recently.

I won’t tell you what that is because it might not work for you.

If I tried to follow all the advice, I’d end up sitting down to this…

ice meme