It’s been hard over the last day or so to miss the news that Qantas has decided to cut 6,000 staff from its payroll due to the international travel bans remaining in place thanks to the spread of the thing.

What might have escaped your notice, however, is one of the reasons given by the flying ‘roo as to why the outlook for international travel remains so grim.

The reason?


Yes, Victoria threatens the viability of job at Qantas.

The state that threw everyone under the harshest of lockdowns has placed the jobs of hundreds of Qantas workers, perhaps thousands, at risk because people, who’d have thunk it, got stir crazy when being locked up in their own homes.

Every state and territory in Australia has done a great job, and is itching to get back to some form of normal economic activity, including here in SA.

Yet Victoria came along with the heaviest restrictions in Australia, talked the biggest game, and has now screwed up, placing thousands of jobs at risk.

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This all comes as SA prepares to open up on July 20 to all other states and territories, after already being open except for NSW, the ACT and Victoria.

Fortunately, unlike Victoria, we have competent people in charge here in SA.

Steven Marshall has made clear that he won’t re-open the border to Victoria if it places people at risk, and there’s now even talk of NSW shutting the border to Victoria as well.

This will wreak havoc on the AFL competition for sure, but health comes first, and this is one of the more reasonable measures being taken.

The question now becomes, will the state government acquiesce and allow AFL hubs to be established in SA?

If so, where will the games be played? After all, you can’t play four games a weekend at Adelaide Oval and expect the surface to survive more than a month.

And you also can’t play games at an empty stadium when other stadiums can take 50,000 fans.

What is Victoria’s loss could be SA’s gain, as the AFL grand Final could be moved too.

Imagine Port Adelaide playing Adel… err, someone else, in the grand final at a packed Adelaide Oval?

I think there’s more than a few yes votes in that.