Yes, the mullet appears to be making a comeback.

News from the weekend is that surveys by a skin and haircare company has found more men are growing facial and long hair since the thing arrived in town.

After chatting with Haydn from Haydn’s barber shop on Liverpool Street today, however, the disturbing news of the mullet returning has given me reason to pause and ponder whether this is a good thing.

We know that facial hair growth has been on the rise in recent times, but longer hair allows itself to be used for some nefarious fashion crimes.

There’s been mohawks, words in hair, mullets and all sorts of horror cuts.

But I want to know: what is the worst hairstyle you have ever sported?

Send us your photos so we can assess the damage to society!

And after Haydn suggested Beebs grow a mullet, I should point out that balding men with mullets can sometimes come under scrutiny from their grandchildren, such as my dad…