No no, I’m not leaving. I’m just referring to planes!

We’ve all been a little reluctant to fly anywhere of late, and for good reason.

However, the latest suggestions from aircraft manufacturers and airlines themselves are suggesting that for those of us who fly cattle class, maybe the thing could be the greatest development imaginable for us when air travel does resume in full!

Why is that?

How could I suggest such a thing?

Well, airlines are conscious about the whole distancing thing now, even though their air filters are perhaps world’s best.

So, what are some of the suggestions posited?

The first is the face shields.


Photo courtesy of Avio Interiors

To understand this one, just go down to Woolies in Lincoln and go through the self serve.

It’s a simple model, but I’m sure more can be done from a comfort standpoint.

This next suggestion has me intrigued.

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Photo courtesy of Avio Interiors

They call it the Janus, and it’s the middle seat turned backwards.

I don’t know about this, because I get motion sickness facing backward on a train, so how I’d handle a 16 hour long haul at 37,000 feet and almost 1,000 km/h is anyone’s guess.

Although, how good would it be to be able to better navigate the middle seat when taking that bathroom break for which you’ll normally be despised for the remainder of the flight?

Now we reach the piece d’resistance…


Photo courtesy of Avio Interiors


An added bonus for us vertically challenged types:

“the floor on the upper tier is just 137cm above the floor of the main cabin, which ratchets headroom for lower-tier passengers down to head-bonking level.”

And? The tall types have had it good for too long, reaching high shelves and getting the girls. Now it’s time for people like me to shine!

Another suggestion was the “cozy suite” model.


Photo courtesy of Avio Interiors


These are just a sample of the options available though.

What would you do to improve your in flight experience though?

So many options, so little time…