Qantas has come on board just in time for the school holidays with some big price reductions.

I have to say, what a good time to come on board… and mess up everyone’s plans.

Ok ok, I get it that it’s good of Qantas to try and reboot the tourism economy, and we’ll be speaking to Labor’s shadow tourism minister, Zoe Bettison, about all things relevant to the holiday economy on Thursday.

But they’re only putting the discount fares on now?

The school holidays are underway today and many families would have already made plans assuming those fares aren’t going down.

But is that the plan?

After all, there was significant discussion that the border openings for South Australia to NSW and the ACT, and originally Victoria, were designed to coincide with the arrival of the holidays.

Maybe it’s also a plan from Qantas to try and ease people back into the idea of holidays again, with a big effort planned for the October break?

It would certainly make sense, but for the opportunity to travel now, how many places will still have accommodation options for people who would take a quick break?

Maybe if Qantas had announced the plan last week it might have provided a bigger boost for regional tourism.

At least those people will still be heading into Adelaide and providing tourism boosts for SA.

But some better planning in future could see a bigger impact on the EP economy too.