I spoke this morning about Bunnings making a move into the environmentally friendly kids world.

Well, not really a move as such.

For those of us who have been regulars at Bunnings for a while, we know they’ve been focussed on making gardening far more accessible and interesting for kids, just as Mitre 10 have been.

However, Bunnings has now gone too far.

Bunnings 2005 SeanMcClean

Bunnings is pushing the bounds of good taste. (Photo: Sean Mack/Wikipedia)

Bunnings is now trying to fill our children’s minds with impurity!

We normally speak of a nanny state, but some things are just too nasty, too disgusting for children to embrace.

Bunnings is doing good work in selling gardening starter kits to kids.

I can’t believe that Bunnings, after having embraced the idea of teaching gardening and self-sufficiency to children, should kick such an own goal.

I mean, just look at what they’re selling!


It’s an absolute outrage!

I’m all in favour of teaching kids about the reality of the world around us, but such things don’t need to be taught until they reach a mature age.

On the flip side, look at Mitre 10’s approach to this horrific topic.


It’s enough to bring a tear of pride and joy to the eye isn’t it?

My hat goes off to you Mitre 10!

Well done on protecting our kids!