So channel ten’s weather presenter Georgia Love wants people to be more considerate when speculating about pregnancy.

Specifically, hers.

You’ll have to forgive me on a few counts here.

While I will never know what its like to be the target of pregnancy speculation (despite the fact I’ve looked like I’m carrying for about 11 years now…), I don’t know if I can summon much sympathy for someone who threw herself into the world of The Bachelorette.

I don’t normally dive into these shows, because they’re just reasons to [play on people’s emotions.

I mean, really, dating more than one person at a time?

I can’t even get ONE date at a time, let alone two!

What lies they’re spreading!

Further, I’m sure that laid back, casual dates involve hot air balloons and pottery sessions which cost hundreds of dollars just as a matter of course.

The next thing they’ll try and tell us is that all those bodies are real too.

What a joke.

Seriously, all those guys with six packs?

Why bother with a six pack when you can, like me, bring the whole keg?

I can imagine my marketing campaign…

“I made myself into the most well rounded person ever, ask me how”.

Ok, maybe that won’t take off… unlike my last…. well, all girlfriends I’ve had before…

Maybe we just need a more realistic reality dating show?

Who has the least annoying habits?

Who has the most teeth (Collingwood and South Sydney supporters need not apply)?

Which style of music do you like least and, in order to stay in the competition, why is it (c)rap?

Just think of how good it could be!

Mid 30s imperfect singles of the world unite!