There’s solar panels everywhere in South Australia, not just here on the EP.

Unfortunately, we could be victims of our own success when it comes to the spread of solar panels, as the state government is now floating an idea of charging people for exporting energy into the grid.

With this charge, it is expected to ensure the grid doesn’t become overloaded with energy, as more and more premises become self-sufficient.

Solar power has evidently come a long way from whatever tragic system was installed on my parents’ house before they bought it, which was used for hot water exclusively, and often saw hot water run out after one and a bit showers of a winter.

However, for all the people who may have seen dollar signs in signing up to solar, the savings are still there, with more than two thousand dollars the expected annual saving for those who take up solar panels.

We can only hope the state government, should it go ahead with this move, look to two ideas.

The first is to export energy.

After all, remember those days when Victoria was whining about having to take electricity from SA to keep the lights on?

Well, now the SA government CAN export it! And charge a pretty penny for it too, ensuring we benefit financially from Daniel Andrews’ incompetence on the energy front (amongst other areas of incompetence…).

The second is a lesson to be learnt from NSW.

And that is to NOT make any changes retrospective.

In 2011, the then newly elected Coalition government sought to make changes to solar feed-in tariffs retrospective.

Working for a Liberal MP at the time, I can tell you the backlash was fierce and unrelenting.

As long as the state government here doesn’t go down the latter path.

To do so would be to aim gas in the direction of the public.


I told you I’d blog about the farty story too!