During these difficult times, the rules laid out by the medical professionals to avoid the thing include a requirement to keep numbers down at junior sport to protect adults.

But why should adults miss out on seeing little Johnny or Jenny run around shooting or kicking goals?

A rugby league club in southern Sydney has come up with a great idea, teaming up with an online telecast company to stream their games for parents and others.

I think this is a great idea, giving kids the opportunity to think of themselves as famous, while those loved ones who can’t get in can still be part of the game.

After all, it wouldn’t take much for tougher crowd restrictions to be implemented again should Victorians smuggle themselves, and something else, across our border.

But would you want a caller for these games?

I for one already hear enough from Beebs during the week.

But what if Dee Alonso-McLeod was forced to learn about ‘sportsball’, as she puts it?

Would Ben be able to call something other than motor racing?

I’ll put my hand up for sure!

Do you think kids sport should be streamed during the thing to allow loved ones to still see the games?

And would you want commentary to go with it?