We hear much about kids and their issues concerning body image in these days of social media.

Plenty of elite athletes cop it as well.

And now sports science wants in on the act too.

UniSA has devised a magical machine which, they claim, can assess the suitability for an individual athlete to a particular sport inside 35 seconds.

Don’t worry, Waybacks and Tasmans, or the Marauders, aren’t getting their hands on this machine any time soon.

Certainly not at a cost of a cool even one hundred grand.

But is this really such a great idea?

What would we have said to AFL players such as Eddie Betts, Brent Harvey and Peter Bell if they were puut through such a machine?

Nah, sorry Eddie, you’re too small.

If you’re an NRL fan like me, you’d know that Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater were derided as being too small for first grade.

Didn’t that work out well for the Brisbane Broncos…

As far as medical usage goes, I love the idea.

It can detect issues such as scoliosis at an early stage, resulting in less painful and desperately needed treatment later on.

But what can it do to detect these conditions that a standard X-ray cannot?

I know elite clubs are looking for an edge, and those million dollar businesses would jump at an opportunity to fine tune their athletes.

But to tell young Johnny or Mary which sport they should play?

In the words of every Australian athlete ever interviewed, yeah nah.