Yes, you did 🙉 right in my interview with RMIT’s Dr Robyn Moffitt this morning.

Using emojis can better help students accept and embrace feedback on their assignments.

It very much goes against what I grew up with. In primary school, it was about green pens and red pens.

In high school, it was about ticks, crosses, numbers and letters.

At university, it was letters and numbers, which, strangely, were better than my high school results.

Not sure how that worked out, but it’s true.

Then again, strong work ethics aren’t the domain of too many teenagers.

But it got me 😵, how long until hieroglyphics return?

I mean, if we’re communicating with 😏 now, how long until full blown pictures of people and animals doing things returns?

Then again, you already have 😺 and dog emojis so it’s kind of going that way, particularly with how the English language is literally being butchered… yes, that is an online dictionary going, metaphorically, 😡 on the English language now that you ask!

But would you communicate just in 😍?

What IS your favourite 😀?