It had to happen as some point.

At some point there had to be a critical tipping point as far as border closures and quarantines went when it came to a balancing act with the economy, be it our state’s our the nation’s.

And so it has come to pass.

Premier Steven Marshall has begun the process of bringing international students back to study, despite ScoMo putting the brakes on the plan for the time being.

There are those who claim this is hypocritical, given travel caps and quarantine requirements.

And they’re right.

There IS a double standard at play here.

But it’s a double standard being played out on Capital Hill, not on North Terrace.

Steven Marshall has been trying to return us to as much a normal existence as possible.

Pubs, clubs, museums, holidays, borders, the Premier has been doing what he can to get back to normality.

He has no issue with people from anywhere bar NSW, the ACT and The Democratic People’s Republic of Danistan Victoria visiting SA any time they like, and those from NSW and the ACT can visit but must quarantine for the regular 14 days.

Nobody expects open borders, but he’s doing his best to get us back to what we’re used to.

Now compare.

There are federal travel caps implemented.

ScoMo is complaining about states not re-opening their borders in full, yet he bans Australians leaving should they so choose.

Meanwhile, Premier Marshall is ensuring that the international students not count towards South Australian caps, and they don’t cost South Australian taxpayers a single cent.

Yes, I admit it irks the conscience knowing that non-citizens are allowed in when many citizens remain locked out.

But take that up with the airlines as much as the federal government.

We keep hearing about how people are struggling so much with being jolted out of their comfort zone thanks to the thing changing the way we live our lives.

And yet the second the Premier attempts to return us to what we’re used to and people want to wail on him?

With a forward-thinking attitude like his, along with SAPOL boss Grant Stevens along with CMO Nicola Spurrier, who have both been much more reasonable than others throughout Australia during these dramas, we should be cheering him on.

People thrive on normality, and that’s what the Premier is trying to deliver.

So please keep delivering normality, and if you can deliver something else Premier, I’d be much obliged

(Clip courtesy of Channel Nine)