What's Up With Insurance?

Car insurance premiums are on the way up right across Australia due to the lovely people that ding cars in carparks and just drive off without leaving details.

These increases include:

Toyota RAV4 – $91

Ford Ranger – $137

Toyota HiLux – $133

Toyota Corolla – $97

Hyundai i30 – $82

Mazda CX-5 – $88

Mitsubishi Triton – $132

Mazda CX-3 – $98

Toyota Camry – $107

Mazda3 – $80

So it was a useful reminder of how insurance companies try to cuddle up to us with their feel good ads, telling us how they’re with us, how they’re working for us, it’s all smiles despite the fact the house has blown up and so on.

Which got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a REAL LIFE insurance ad?

As in, when you have an accident or break down, you don’t laugh and giggle and go into a great family moment, but instead you let off some steam?

Well, thankfully, one insurance company tried it, and we got a copy of it.

I don’t know why NFI Insurance hasn’t taken off yet!

We always complain about people not being real, and yet this wonderful company, which may or may not exist, has embraced truth in advertising!

Would you like to see more truth in advertising?

What would you like to see advertised in a truthful way?