Is The EP About To Take Off?

There are signs of returning normality as far as borders go, and that has made it a huge weekend for tourism operators in South Australia.

First up, Premier Steven Marshall announced on Friday the re-opening of the border with NSW and the ACT could be imminent.

As an aside, I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping and looking forward to seeing my niece again.

Then, to add to the hopes and dreams of tourism operators in SA, Steven Marshall has dipped into the coffers to offer up $20 million to tourism operators to improve their offerings, be it service or infrastructure based.

It’s been a big weekend for tourism in SA, and it could only be getting bigger in the next few weeks.

Which brings us back to our other big story today, the way in which local jobs are becoming more difficult to fill.

Will we be seeing an influx of people to the EP as a result?

I mean, it’s worth considering, isn’t it?

We’re in a recession, but it’s getting tough to fill local jobs because it’s a jobseeker’s market here.

Could this be the making of a population boon on the EP?

Suddenly Lincoln, Coffins, Tumby, Cowell and Wudinna has gone from almost forgotten to the

Much more fun than what Victoria is going through right now…

Pair this with the new rocket launch jobs thanks to the Whalers Way site, and the nuclear waste management facility at Kimba, and suddenly the EP has become a jobs mecca, all during a recession.

It takes a special ability to be able to see economic growth and opportunities run wild during a recession, but the EP has achieved such a position.

The EP will never be home to a major city like Brisbane or Sydney, but it might just be that the tiny town tradition here might be about to move on.

How do you feel about that?