It's Origin Baby!!!

Yes, I’m bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean because rugby league’s showpiece, the masterpiece, the ultimate sporting contest, State of Origin, is headed to Adelaide!

Ok, I got excited before the thing hit, but it’s still on in Adelaide and I can’t wait!

At this stage, only half capacity will be allowed, but still, ORIGIN IS COMING!!!

Just imagine the scene.

Just over thirteen thousand passionate, dedicated New South Wales fans.

Just over thirteen thousand Queensland fans, with their slightly more than 26,000 screaming heads…

The pre-game entertainment of a major rock band!

And the Queensland pre-game entertainment of some banjo playing guy with no teeth.

A talented team of New South Wales players, ready to play their hearts out.

A bunch of Queenslanders complaining how everything is against them despite the fact they won eight series in a row.

Aah Queensland, the only place in Australia where they hand out birthday cards saying “Happy birthday uncle dad”!

Ok, I jest… only slightly.

And, let’s face it, all good South Australians should be on board with a NSW win.

Why, you ask?

Well, I told you about the Queenslanders invading yesterday!

Talk about overstepping the mark!

And we all know how a real South Aussie hates a Victorian.

Well, Queensland’s best player is Cameron Munster, who learnt his craft from clubmate Cameron Smith.

And they both play for Melbourne Storm.

And Melbourne Storm is currently based on the Sunshine Coast.


By cheering for NSW, you are cheering against Melbourne!

How can you possibly lose by booing a Vic?

Hopefully the working capacity of Adelaide Oval can rise before gameday from the current 50% to closer to 75%, for an even better experience.

Then again, will there be enough pillows for those extra QLD heads?

So lock it in.

November 4, 7:30pm.

Mate against mate, state against state, New South Wales against Queensland, head against two heads!

Just spare a thought for poor Jacob on the front page of today’s Advertiser.

Dead set, the ‘tiser just has no sense of what is good taste any more…