Is It Time For People To Move On From COVID Help?

We’ve all heard about the harsh lockdowns in Victoria and how those efforts might prove worse for people than the ‘thing’ itself.

But now, right here in South Australia, we’ve gone full tilt… in the other direction, believe it or not!

The Marshall Government wants to extend a few provisions for another six months.

One of the big items is to extend “a moratorium on evicting commercial and residential tenants suffering financial hardship.”.

You would think helping people avoid eviction because they’re hurting is a noble thing, even if it can cause financial challenges to be moved from the tenants to the landlords.

However, the government is being told they face a challenge in getting this through by the crossbench!

SA Best, in particular, are being most vocal about only extending this moratorium for a maximum of three months.

I never thought I’d see the day when politicians decided to hold back on spending money and making changes to help renters and instead help those who own investment properties.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being critical of either side.

I just want to say how delighted, even proud, I am of the crossbench in this situation.

While the Marshall Government’s proposal is so much less draconian than what Victoria is going through, it would still have made landlords bear most of the pain and renegotiate with their lender.

What this shows is that there is a growing concern, and for good reason, about what financial pain could be inflicted by continuing to dole out the cash for too long.

Normally when politicians want to spend less money or ease regulations, you’d find them criticised from pillar to post for hating on the poor.

Now, though, it indicates a maturity in our political discourse which, I think, is long overdue.

Labor has yet to declare a position on this, by the way.

I have really gone to town on SA Best in the past over a variety of issues, mainly social.

However, on this one, I think they’re living up to their name, and I didn’t even think the Government’s proposal was all that dramatic given the circumstances we face.

I’m proud to hail from the First State in Australia, but I’m pretty chuffed to now be living in a state which values intelligent political discussion and economics above soundbites.

With leaders like this, no wonder there’s jobs aplenty across SA.