What's an Airline Name Worth?

It’s been a pretty brutal six months for an obvious reason.

Cast your mind back to April, and REX Airlines was on the precipice.

REX desperately needed the District Council of Lower EP to come to the party if Port Lincoln Airport was to remain a viable location for them.

Council obliged by nutting out a deal, as was expected, so REX agreed to run a skeleton service as much as possible.

And it wasn’t just the District Council of Lower EP that REX went after either, just quietly.

REX also continues to demand extra funding from the federal government because if they miss out, airports like Ceduna, Whyalla and Port Lincoln would be abandoned… and the Feds are obliging in the upcoming budget.

REX, by the way, stands for Regional Express.


Yes, it’s right there on their website.

So you can imagine how apoplectic I was when I read of a special deal being done to allow REX to tap into competition with the big boys in the metro airline markets.

Yes, you read that right.

REX, REGIONAL Express, wants to start flying people between Sydney and Melbourne.

I’m proud of the fact I was born and bred in Sydney, but not even the most ardent Sydneysider could claim that Sydney is a REGIONAL town.

Anyone who thinks Melbourne is a regional town is also consuming some questionable substances.

But REX, REGIONAL Express, is more interested in flying Sydney-Melbourne than they are Adelaide-Port Lincoln.

Is it any wonder people are turning away from REX in record numbers?

I was having dinner at the Tasman the other night and a friend of mine recounted her horror stories with REX and vowed never again.

When I quizzed her on whether that meant paying the higher Qantas fare, she said yes, and that it was worth it to avoid the problems with REX, REGIONAL Express.

I quote her, “I’ve never flown REX and not had a problem”.

This from the airline which is supposed to be dedicated to servicing regional areas.

Isn’t it nice to know that so much taxpayer money… your money, my money… is going toward REX, REGIONAL Express, servicing the big cities while they give us the middle finger.

Knowing how much the one airline dedicated to serving the regions is dudding us is rather cruel, when Qantas, which is supposed to be the capital of woke, is still doing its best by us.

Names can be deceiving, and REX, REGIONAL Express, is about as faithful to its name as Bill Clinton was to Hillary.