It's like a new country!

We’ve endured and endured, but it finally looks like there might be movement on the international travel front.

Several countries are wanting to open bubbles, including South Korea and Greece, with the US state of Hawaii also putting its hand up.

Over the last couple of days, New Zealand has been making more positive noises too.

You can even throw Hong Kong on the list now.

And the PM is putting together a broader list too.

But when you travel abroad, is it all peachy?

What if you run into some strange words, or habits, or customs?

When I visited the US and Canada I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I found I scrounged all my shrapnel together to afford a particular purchase I felt quite pleased with myself…. Until I realised they only added tax at the checkout.

Tipping also threw me off. Who do you tip and who do you not tip?

And I cannot begin to tell you how infuriated I was when they put something called cilantro on my food, only to discover it was coriander.

My parents regaled me with many tales of Spanish siestas… a little disconcerting to my father who keeps regular sleeping hours, but not so much for mum who can stay up until 3am after he somewhat later siesta around 9pm.

I’m getting in trouble now…

But what of more local differences?

There aren’t any differences within Australia are there?

Yeah, remind yourself of that when you try and order a pint in NSW.

I ordered a schooner on my first night in Lincoln and I thought I got ripped off!

And I’ve had to learn what a potato cake or fritter is, because potato scallops aren’t a thing here…

Even the humble rockmelon has fallen victim to evil Victorian-ness, and been christened as a cantaloupe.

And this doesn’t mention that strange mob across the Tasman who consider it acceptable to marry sheep!

Ok ok, I kid… the sheep was the bridesmaid…

And why do Americans freak out at fairy bread? They’re the ones who think chicken and waffles go together!

So I want to know, what custom or language, or even food, have you been confused by on your travels, domestic or international?