The Relationship Gene!

Apparently being a good spouse is all genetic now!

Well, depends on what you want in a significant other.

Turns out there’s a gene, CD38, that makes some people better suited to relationships than others.

Who knew!

Turns out my hatred of coriander has a genetic fellow traveller.

However, are these features of a spouse you really want?

According to researches at McGill University in Canada, if you have the special gene, that makes you “more likely to act communally, agreeably and affectionately, and feel more satisfied” in a relationship.

Alright, so is that a good thing?

I recall a holiday to Vegas (Remember those days when we were allowed to, you know, do things? We were so young back then) when my then girlfriend was quite affectionate…. When she wasn’t wanting to pick a fight that is.

Tick that box for my ex-fiancee too.

Otherwise, flip the script for most of my history in that regard.

Which, I suppose, explains why less than fifty percent of people have this particular genetic variant.

Then again, do you really want someone affectionate here on the EP?

I don’t know if you want to snuggle up to someone who’s spent a week on a fishing boat and smells like a bucket of prawns.

What about harvest?

A combination of canola, grain and diesel?


Run a tourist business?

Well, chances are you’re sweaty and stinky after chasing after people for a day, so no luck there.

On the flip side, I could think of a worse idea than to sit and cuddle with someone who smelt like a bakery… wouldn’t do much for your waistline though!

Or would it…. Let’s leave that conversation there.

But are agreeability and affection such big deals?

What’s your relationship dealbreaker?