Border Bubbles Be Buggered Already

It begins.

We’ve had dramas with getting our borders open internally let alone externally.

There’s been a small outbreak in NSW which, believe it or not, outnumbers Victoria now, yet the SA Tourism Industry Council wants the border to my home state to stay open and that’s it.

As soon as the border bubble with New Zealand opened up, however, the Kiwis found a way to go where they shouldn’t.

Sort of like in the rugby (for non-rugby union fans, it is illegal to enter a ruck from the side… unless you’re a New Zealander…).

Given the New Zealanders entered Hell Victoria legally, I don’t see what the issue is.

If they enter Victoria, that’s their problem and I wish them luck in the Democratic People’s Republic of Danistan Victoria.

I’m more interested in how they managed to get into Tasmania and Western Australia.

Are our internal borders just for show if this can happen?

I mean, if foreign travellers are allowed to travel within Australia at will, why not Australians?

Why can’t we go to Tassie or WA? Why can’t NSW residents go to QLD?

Is the SA Tourism Industry Council right?

Is it time to just throw open all our state borders in Australia?

Well, except Victoria because, well, it’s still Victoria…