Keeping Up With The Singapores

Interesting news emerged over the weekend that Canberra is considering walking away from the hotel quarantine model that has been an article of faith since March.

Instead, “Tracking bracelets or anklets, smartphone apps and home quarantine will likely be used instead of a strict 14-day hotel stay”.

This is forward thinking at its finest.

No more hotel quarantine, which has been used in completely reasonable and fair minded ways right across the country so far.

I love how far ahead of the pack this move is…. So far ahead that Israel, China, Singapore and South Korea have been looking at it for no less than seven months.

This is on top of the fact that people returning to Australia have been forced to foot the bill for their own quarantine, despite many having not been able to return until now.

So, not only have we been behind the eight-ball in quarantine systems, but we’ve been forcing Australian citizens to pay for government tardiness.

Why has it taken this long to come to this point?

Other countries have embraced ankle bracelets or wristbands. China has even gone so far as to install CCTV cameras on a person’s property for the duration of the quarantine (I remain skeptical as to whether those cameras were removed afterwards…).

But tracking bracelets rather than hotel quarantine?

It makes way too much sense.

This should’ve been done ages ago.

Especially with how many people are already effectively wearing one with their various Fitbitz, I-watches and so on.

But governments, both state and federal, were slow on the uptake of modernity.

And, as usual, the general public are left to pay for it.