Double Dips on a Day Off

If you’ve done any kind of forward planning for Christmas, you’ll have noticed that Boxing Day, or Proclamation Day if you prefer, falls on a Saturday this year.

As is the tradition when a public holiday in the Christmas/New Year period falls on a weekend, the public holiday itself has been shifted to the following Monday.

All good so far.

Until the unions get involved and start demanding that penalty rates for public holidays be paid on BOTH the Saturday AND the Monday.

To quote the ‘Tiser, “The union representing retail and fast food workers wants Boxing Day to be declared a public holiday on the Saturday it falls on – in addition to the Monday that it automatically gets shifted to when it lands on the weekend.”

Hmm, retail workers.

Do I recall something that happened earlier this year, and which is still going in Victoria, that forced a mass number of retail outlets to close their doors for a period?

Yes, the thing struck, so those people were put out of work.

You know who else was put out of work?

The mums and dads who run those small retail outlets.

The mums and dads who don’t get paid unless the business turns a profit.

The mums and dads who have to pay the overheads for those businesses.

I’m not unsympathetic to people who have to work weekends.

It can be rough to do that while others are out enjoying themselves.

But there’s plenty of businesses out there that only work 9-5, Monday to Friday if you want weekends free.

Plus there’s weekend penalty rates already in place for these workers.

It’s a beautiful thing to see an organisation that’s supposed to be looking out for its members demanding that extra financial burdens be placed on the businesses hardest hit by the shutdowns earlier this year.

It’s almost as if all business owners are expected to have endless supplies of cash on hand at any time of year, because businesses will never close.

Yeah, tell that to Coco California, Target Country and Regal Chickens…