It's Here! It's Here! Origin Is Here!

It’s here.

The event the world is talking about.

The clash between two sides that loathe the other.

Can’t tolerate each other.

Who will commit all kinds of acts just to defeat them.

Yes, it’s Origin time!

We didn't know if we'd make it or not what with the thing and all, but we did!

Oh, apparently there’s something in America that sounds similar, but we aren’t talking about that.

Yes, the jewel of Australia’s sporting crown has arrived!*

Origin delivers drama like no other sporting spectacle on the Australian landscape.

Mainly because those whining, banjo-plucking yokels from up north** keep producing miracles, not that I’m bitter in any way…

Ok, so the fighting may have been done away with, but Origin all started with two teammates brawling, something nobody ever thought would happen.

And an institution was born.

If you thought that was good, one fight lives in the minds of all rugby league fans forever, and this, well, you can’t put it into words. Just watch.

But I digress.

There is football played in these games too I should hasten to add!

In fact, enough for Queensland to win eight years in a row.

Yep, eight straight years.

You thought this year was bad Crows fans?

Try being me from 2006-13…

But then, the drought ended.

Yes yes, Queensland often produce stuff like this.

So I’m hoping greatly that we see, instead, a repeat of what happened last year in game three instead.

Be still my beating heart!

In the almost constant words of perhaps rugby league’s equivalent of Brian Taylor, but more insightful, enjoy your Origin football… unless you’re a Queenslander…

Go the Blues!

* That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

** I apologise for likening banjo-playing yokels to Queenslanders and for the embarrassment such a comparison may cause for fine, upstanding banjo players everywhere...