Kimba Making It's Own Decision: Hanson Says No

If you missed it last week, Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson made some rather brutal remarks about Rowan Ramsey, who responded last Friday on GMEP.

These remarks, of course, were made in the process of Senator Hanson, famous for supporting Anti-vaxxers among other groups, declaring the Kimba community didn’t support the proposed nuclear waste management facility.

After she made this statement, she acknowledged there had been a ballot of 800 Kimba residents.

Maybe if Hanson had learned to count, she might have learnt that sixty two percent is more than half.

But let’s give Pauline her due.

She did say that the wider SA community needed to have a say because the Kimba facility would affect all of SA.

That’s good news for those of us here on the Eyre Peninsula, given that Senator Hanson will undoubtedly demand that we EP residents will have an input on the new North-South tunnel announced in last week’s budget.

Huh, I’ve never seen a tumbleweed in the studio before…

Then there was this pearl of wisdom from Hanson.

“Do we really want a facility that is above ground that could be problems (sic) further down the track, if anything happens?”

At this point, let me introduce you to the Lucas Heights nuclear facility in Sydney.

Image: Daily Telegraph

Here it is from another angle.

Image: ABC

Notice anything interesting about the location of this facility?

About its exposure to the outdoors?

This facility, by the way, which is a mere 31 kilometres away from the largest airport in Australia in Australia’s largest city?

This facility which will be producing ALL the waste for the new facility designated for Kimba?

The same Kimba which is 283km from the FIFTH busiest airport in Australia, also in the fifth most populous city in Australia?

And what evidence does Hanson has that SA could be a target for terrorist activity?

Obviously Hanson… sorry, SENATOR Hanson (wouldn’t want to show any kind of disrespect to someone who slagged off an MP for putting his hand up and leading his community by example)… obviously, SENATOR Hanson has something she is holding back from the people of Australia.

But what if there’s no such information, and she’s just speculating?

Well, now she’s fearmongering for no good reason, which demonstrates she’s playing petty politics with the economic future of Kimba.

Isn’t it lovely to know that Pauline has such a great concern for rural and regional communities that want jobs?

How dare country people want to grow their communities beyond what our social betters decide is socially acceptable!

Good to know those from the capital cities have such a forward-thinking view of rural areas.

Sadly, it seems there’s one clear view coming from One Nation.

Live in the country and want a job in a growing tech industry?

Pauline Hanson says no.