To Ban Or Not To Ban

In a rush to a headline, sometimes news outlets can get a story wrong.

At the same time, in the same universe, it seems some people just cannot let go of the past and the traditional stereotypes that have consumed us.

Take the latest announcement on mobile phones from the SA Government, for example.

Apparently the take out of the announcement is that “SA government bans mobile phone use at state’s primary schools”.

It must be true because another headline screams that “South Australia Is Banning Mobile Phones At All State Primary Schools”.

But take a look at the formal announcement on the government’s website.

It’s just a proposal at this stage.

Further, the use of phones in primary schools isn’t even banned, but rather restricted.

To quote, “Under the draft policy, access to phone and personal devices while the student is on school grounds would be restricted in primary schools.”

But should they be restricted?

After all, the policy clearly states that “The policy does not apply to school-sanctioned ‘bring your own devices’ such as laptops and iPads used for learning purposes.”

So, according to the Education Minister, to chat with friends on your mobile phone by email or other apps is out of order, but do it on the laptop or Ipad, then you can go nuts.

Except that’s not what the device is supposed to be used for, so we can automatically trust kids without question because no kid has ever hidden anything from their teacher before

Instead of embracing some technology but not others, why not just embrace it all?

What functions does a phone have that an Ipad doesn’t, after all?

Is proposed policy due to a phobia around phones?

Why do we pay out on people who spend all day on their phones, but not their computers?

Or is it because we often see scenes like this?

You know, because we’ve never seen that kind of thing before.

So what do you think?

Should phones be permitted in schools?

If so, for what purposes?