The Super Schooner!

We’re slowly getting back into the pub as normal, just in time for one of the world’s greatest ever inventions.

When it comes time for your shout, the biggest problem is often how to get the drinks back to the table when all the trays have run out.

Fear no longer because there is now the Super Schooner!


The Super Schooner, or four in one schooner, goes for $28 in some inner Sydney pubs.

And yes, I know you’re screaming out, saying a beer that size is actually a pint.

We’ve done this before, and I’m not getting into it again.

And yes, there ARE plans to take the super schooner across Australia!

I’m just a little worried that it was an ad agency that came up with this idea.

Suddenly there’s pressure to create a new idea to go even further.

But all the good ones are done!

The Pantry does the cardboard containers which divide the chips and salad from the fish.

Most pizza places do the half and half.

Maccas has the drink containers.

So what’s a breakfast show radio host to do?

Apparently Maccas has even thought far enough ahead to allow you to fold the fries box for the sauce!

So what should be our new food or beverage convenience device?

What’s your secret device hack?