INTERVIEWS: State Government Focuses on Spencer Gulf Snapper Stocks


This morning a press released was sent out from the office of South Australian Fisheries Minister Tim Whetstone regarding changes to management arrangements for Snapper in Spencer Gulf and Gulf St. Vincent.

The review into managment arrangements has been going on behind the scenes for sometime with a number of meetings including scientists, fisheries department staff and fisherman ongoing for many months.

The full raft of changes to the management of Snapper stocks has been documented in our regional news story from earlier written by Dee Alonso-McLeod and based on the Ministers press release.

The reaction to the Ministers plan has been interesting.

Are we set for another showdown between recreational and professional fisherman?

That remains to be seen.

There are many well intentioned members of both industries, flying the flag for their groups and members.

Overwhelmingly the sentiment that change is required is shared been them.

The details on how this is best achieved, and who is to blame for the current situation, is clearly not.