The World’s Most Googled Dreams Revealed

November 2, 2023 11:51 am in by

Dreams can be mind-boggling and feel so real when you’re in them. A recent study conducted by Morning Life, uncovered the most common dreams people are frantically Googling about all around the globe.

The study reveals that snakes take the crown as the most dreamt-about topic in over a third of the countries surveyed.

Losing teeth is another popular dream across Australia, North America and Europe. Maybe we’re all just a little too obsessed with our dental hygiene!

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But here’s where things get interesting: each country have different dream preferences. For example, in the UK (and also in Australia), teeth falling out takes the top spot, while snakes still come in second. Hair falling out waltzes in at third place, proving that the Brits have a thing for dreams about their appearance.

Across the pond, the US is also fixated on losing teeth, but they take it up a notch with a staggering 81,000 Google searches. Snakes slither in at second place here too, with 19,400 searches.

The Top 5 Most Common Dreams Explained

Now, we can’t say for certain what these dreams really mean. However, we turn to for a little insight. We’ve listed the top 5 dreams worldwide and their meaning:

  1. Teeth falling out: Teeth falling out might symbolise feelings of powerlessness or loss in waking life.
  2. Snakes: Encountering snakes could represent transformation, hidden fears, worries, or significant changes in your waking life.
  3. Pregnancy: Pregnancy might symbolise the birth of new ideas, growth, or potential for change in your waking life.
  4. Marriage: marriage might represent a commitment, unity, or the merging of different aspects of the dreamer’s personality.
  5. Your Ex.: might symbolise unresolved issues, past experiences, or aspects of yourself that you’ve left behind.
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Whether you buy into dream interpretations or not, one thing’s for sure: sweet dreams are the key to a good night’s sleep. Sleep tight.