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The Optus Secret Santa is happening across December!

The Optus Secret Santa will be out & about across the Lower Eyre Peninsula throughout December, giving away a prize to the person who can find the Optus Secret Santa first and ask ‘Are you the Optus Secret Santa?!’

Catch him if you can, the Optus Secret Santa!

Tune into 765 5CC Wednesday mornings between 8am and 9am throughout December for the daily clue to the location of the Optus Secret Santa for your chance to WIN.

If you’re the first to find Santa, and ask - ‘Are you the Optus Secret Santa?’ You’ll win a Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro, to use on the awesome Optus 4G network!

PLUS this year, for an additional hint before each day’s giveaway, you can enter the below form and receive a text message to put you closer to finding the Optus Secret Santa the following day!

Thanks to Steve, and the local team at Optus Port Lincoln.

OPTUS Teal sRGB RELEASE 03 310316

Form Details required to receive an extra hint!

(Must be completed each time you want a hint, you won’t receive a hint for each of the following days throughout the promotion unless you complete the form each time)

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December 5th: John Gerlack | Location: Coffin Bay Foreshore Lookout

Screenshot 20181205 093956 Instagram


December 12th: Matthew Nicholls | Location: Cummins 5 Loaves Bakery

Optus Secret Santa Five Loaves Bakery

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