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Join the 5CC Crew during Good Morning EP each weekday morning after 8am for The Hidden Mic thanks to FUMO 28!

Each week day morning during Good Morning EP, we will play you a sound that has been recorded by our hidden microphone somewhere around the Eyre Peninsula and all you have to do is guess what the sound is and where it is to win the jackpot!

The jackpot will go up $5 each day until we receive the correct answer, so you never know just how much you might win!

Keep checking back here because we'll list some of the incorrect guesses to help you out.... AND listen every day because you get to ask a question with a yes or no answer every day!

JACKPOT (Monday March 25, 2019): $185

with $5 to be added each time we play!

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A huge congratulations to Bruce Beer, with his correct Guess, Mikey was indeed out Bushwalking in Coffin Bay, as a result he scored $190!

Sadly Mikey has escaped again, but he's sent a fresh sound for you to figure out!

Congrats to Brett from Port Lincoln, our first $50 Fumo 28 Monthly Voucher winner for January!

Yes or No questions so far:

Is he on the West Coast? No.

Is he Skating at the Port Lincoln Skatepark? No

is he in Port Lincoln? No

Is he in Coffin Bay? No

Is it buttering toast? No

Isw it a squid in a boat? No

Is it scraping a boot clean? no

Is it scraping a BBQ plate at Arno Bay? No